Why it's a good idea to stop eating shrimp January 19 2014


First-Ever National Ranking Shows Most Coastal States Failing to Protect Oceans July 30 2013

The 1st-ever quantitative, scientifically rigorous national ranking of states’ protection of their ocean waters, SeaStates: How Well Does Your State Protect Your Coastal Waters?, shows that most states and territories are failing to safeguard our nation’s marine life, seafood and coasts.

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California and Indonesia Urged to Build Relationships to Save Leatherback Sea Turtles July 26 2013


In response to Governor Brown’s signing of Assembly Bill 1776, which designates the endangered leatherback sea turtle as California's official state reptile and designates October 15 as Leatherback Conservation Day, state and federal agencies have been encouraged to build cooperative relationships with the Western Pacific island nations, where Pacific leatherback sea turtles return from California waters to nest. This fall, from October 14-17th, political leaders from Indonesia and the United States will meet with notable marine and leatherback scientific experts to discuss the status of the species, the population, international conservation efforts, current conservation efforts in both countries, and socio-economic research of conservation.

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Pacific Leaders Call for Oceanwide Shark Protections July 23 2013

Resolution opposes U.S. proposal that could weaken shark conservation laws
"As Pacific Islanders, we share these resources, and with these actions, we are telling the world that sharks are worthy of our respect and protection.”
-Judi Won Pat, president, Association of Pacific Island Legislatures
Leaders from a dozen countries, states, and U.S. territories across the Pacific Ocean are calling for oceanwide protections for sharks—a move that underscores a growing commitment to ending unsustainable shark fishing in the region.

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Hoodies July 12 2013

Men's and women's recycled hoodies are here!

a supersoft blend of recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles in

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